Aleum (Fivalco) Grooved Swing Check Valve 300psi

VGSCV-(size OD)

  • Model #DGC
  • Size Range: DN50 to DN300
  • Max. Working Pressure: 300psi (2100kPa)
  • This Check Valve is a Compact, Cost Effective Valve Offering Low Pressure-Drop, Non-Slam Performance.
  • The Assembly is Lighter, and Installation is Faster, and Less Costly Than Flanged Valve Assemblies.
  • DN15 Tapping Points Provide Above and Below the Clapper For Drain Down or Pressure Switch or Gauge.
  • In Full Operation, Swing Clapper is Held Tightly Against the Valve Body, Out of the Flow Stream, to Provide Maximum Flow Area and Prevention of Clapper Flutter. The Spring Assisted Clapper Design Produces Quick, Non-Slam Closure Before Flow Reversal Can Occur While Meeting Requirements For an Anti-Water Hammer Valve Rating.
  • Each Valve is Hydrostatically Tested For Leak Tightness to 3500kPa. The Clapper-Seat Design Permits Leak Free of Back Pressure Sealing in Service Pressure Conditions.
  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved

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Aleum Grooved End Check Valve Specifications

Product Code Nominal



Nominal Dimensions in mm
Pipe OD mm A F Approx.Wt Kg
VGSCV-60 50 60.3 171.0 80.3 3.6
VGSCV-76 65 76.0 184.0 85.1 3.8
VGSCV-88 80 88.9 197.9 93.0 4.8
VGSCV-114 100 114.3 206.0 107.2 7.7
VGSCV-165 150 165.1 324.0 171.4 19.3
VGSCV-219 200 219.1 370.8 201.9 30.0
VGSCV-273 250 273.1 457.2 234.4 52.0
VGSCV-323 300 323.9 534.9 266.7 76.0

Aleum Grooved End Check Valve Material Listing

Body Ductile Iron to ASTM A-536 Grade 65-45-12
Coating Epoxy
Clapper DN50-100 Type 304 or 302 stainless steel to ASTM A-167

DN150-200 Ductile Iron to ASTM A-536 Grade 65-45-12

Clapper Facing Specify when ordering.  Properties by ASTM D-2000.

Grade E EPDM. (-40°C to +110°C). For water, dilute acids, alkalis, oil-free air & many chemical services.  Not for use in petroleum services.

Seat Ring 304 S/St to ASTM A-123, ASTM A-213, ASTM A-312 or ASTM A-269
Spring 302 stainless steel to ASTM A-313
Hinge Pin 304 or 302 stainless steel to ASTM A-580
Hinge Pin Bushings Sintered bronze to ASTM B-438
Hinge Pin Plugs & Drain Plugs Cast Iron to ASTM A-126 Class A