Escutcheon Plate – c/w Fire Sprinkler Guard


  • Thread Sizes: 10, 15 & 20mm
  • A New Innovation That is Easy to Use
  • Comes in White With Other Colours Optional and is Re-usable
  • External Diameter: 78mm
  • Internal Diameter: 54mm
  • Can be Installed Before or After Sprinkler Heads are Configured Saving Them From Being Knocked Accidentally Whilst The Fit Out of a Building is Being Carried Out.
  • Can be Used Under Escalators and Storage Rooms Where Customers and Tenants Could Knock their Heads or Portable Equipment Can Damage Sprinklers.
  • Excellent for Refit and Demolition Projects. Guard the Sprinkler than Draindown and Remove. Can be Reused as The Job Progresses

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