Grooved Style Gasket Grade Index & Recommendation

The Lists are provided as an aid in selecting the optimum gasket grade for a specific application to assure the maximum service life.

The recommendations have been developed from current information supplied by manufacturers of the elastomers, technical publications and industry applications. The Information supplied should be considered as a basis for evaluation but not as a guarantee.


Grade Temp Range Compound Colour Code General Service Applications
E -4°C to +148°C EPDM Green Water, dilute acids, alkalises salts & many chemical services not involving hydrocarbons, oils or gasses. Excellent oxidation resistance. NOT FOR USE WITH HYDROCARBONS
T -7°C to +82°C NITRILE


Orange Petroleum products, vegetable oils, mineral oils & air contaminated with petroleum oils. NOT FOR USE IN HOT WATER SERVICES
Grade Temp Range Compound Colour Code General Service Applications
O +7°C to +148°C Fluoro


Blue High temperature resistance to oxidizing acids, petroleum oils, hydraulic fluids, halogenated hydrocarbons & lubricants.
T -40°C to +200°C Silicone White/ Clear Dry, hot air & some high temperature chemical services.


Service Gasket Grade   Service Gasket Grade
Air, (no oil vapors) Temp. -40°C to 110°C E   Crude Oil – Sour T
Air, (no oil vapors) Temp. -40°C to 177°C L   Diesel Oil T
Air, oil vapor Temp. -29°C to 66°C T   Fuel Oil T
Air, oil vapor Temp. -7°C to 149°C O   Gasoline, Leaded T
Water, Temp to 66°C E/T   Gasoline, Unleaded (O)
Water, Temp to 110°C E   Hydraulic Oil T
Water, Acid Milne E/T   JP-3, JP-4 and JP-5 T/O
Water, chlorine (E/O)   JP-6, 38°C Max Temperature O
Water, Dionised E/T   Kerosene T
Water, Seawater E/T   Lube Oil, to 150°C T
Water, Waste E/T   Motor Oil T
Water, Lime E/T   Tar and Tar Oil T
      Transmission Fluid – Type A T
      Turbo Oil #15 Diester Lubricant T