IKEA Tempe

IKEA Tempe
IKEA has recently constructed the largest IKEA store in the Southern Hemisphere at 39,000 m2. Comprising of 6600 m2 showroom, 6600 m2 market hall, a 12860 m2 warehouse, 2000 parking spaces and a 760 seat restaurant. With $135 million construction cost creating 600 jobs. More than 3 million customers a year are expected to visit the store.


Design Criteria
Over 1km of combined above and below ground hydrant piping.
All pipes valves and fittings meeting the stringent requirement of AS 2419. On site storage of water to provide 4 hours minimum hydrant supply.

100nb x 3.05mm and 150nb x 3.4mm galvanised pipe having a coating of 300mg. m2
All supplied valves are UL approved and monitored.
Pipework installed in the carpark is suspended using a trapeze bracketing system.

Building Services Products Supplied By:
Repipe Connections Pty Ltd

Hydraulic Consultant:
BSE buildingservicesengineers

Plumbing Contractor:
Axis Plumbing

Completion Date:
2 November 2011