DN100 I-Pattern Fire Brigade Booster Assembly

FFS-100MMISB (Standard)

FFS-100MMISB-B (Extra Iso Valve)


  • Booster assemblies are manufactured to conform to the requirement of AS2419 & to relevant local authorities. All components comply to the requirements of AS2419.
  • Any fabricated components are Hot Dipped Galvanised as required in AS2419.
  • Backflow prevention devices can be supplied and designed into assemblies. Backflow devices comply to AS2845.1.
  • All components will withstand pressure testing up to 2100kpa. (Note: Fire Brigade test pressure is 1700kpa.)
  • All booster units can be supplied as individual components or fully/ part assembled.


  • All assemblies can be custom built to comply with AS2419 where confined space is a problem.
  • Copamate Flanges, Roll Grooved Flange Adaptors, Copper to RG Adaptors, Copper Long Leg Riser Elbows
  • Hydrant booster cabinets are available for all booster configurations.
  • Please note: CAD drawings available on request.

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